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himself certain of the■ young woman's piety. Being a man ■of melancholy temperament and mystic tendency■, a lover of the marvellous, he thought● that the soul of Elizabeth might■ well have a supernatural intercours■e wit

h the Infinite Being. He said in th●e House of Lords: 'How could I anticipate deceit● in a nun, to whose holiness so m●any priests bore witness?' The Roman catholics ■triumphed. A prophetess had risen up in Eng●land, like Deborah in Israel. One eminent and ■large-hearted catholic, Sir Thomas More, ha

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d ho●wever some doubts; and the monks who were E●lizabeth's advisers set every engine■ at work to win him over. During the Christma●s of 1532, Father Risby, a Franci●scan of Canterbury, arrived at Chelsea t●o pass

the night there. After supper, he said: '●What a holy woman thi

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